Default send account is not working on reply & forward messages



I am using outlook 2007. I have one exchange account, 2 pop3 accounts &
hotmail account in my outlook profile.
I receive all the emails in the archive inbox folder. I set up one of the
pop3 accounts as the default account to send out emails using account
settings. When I click new message, it automatically uses that default
account but when I hit reply or forward it always uses the exchange account
(very strange) and I have to pick the default account manually when I reply &
forward evrey message.
I tried everything to get that pop3 default account to work on reply and
forward but no luck. I can definetly use your help.

Diane Poremsky

which account is collecting the mail? Outlook normally sends replies using
the account that received it.


I am collecting all emails in an archive inbox folder (not the exchange

you are correct, outlook is using the account that receives to reply or
forward. can I bypass that? to have outlook reply and forward only using the
default "send" account?

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