Default Gateway problem




I have W2K Pro workstations dialing into W2K Server via 3-
Com Superstack switch. The dial-up connection completes
without issue and all network resources are available
however the default gateway IP on each workstation always
appears the same as that local machines IP. This prevents
internet access via network router.

The check box "Use default gateway on remote network" is
checked. The default gateway picks up properly when logged
in on the LAN.

Any ideas?!


J.C. Hornbeck [MSFT]

What you're seeing is expected and normal, at least with regards to the
default gateway showing the local IP address when "Use default gateway on
remote network" is enabled. See this article for more information:

317025 - You Cannot Connect to the Internet After You Connect to a VPN
Server (

The title and the specifics are a little different than yours but the
resolution should be the same.

J.C. Hornbeck, MCSE
Microsoft Product Support

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Robert L [MS-MVP]

quoted from
Can't access the Internet while using VPN

Symptom: after establishing a VPN connection, you may not be able to access
the Internet because the VPN takes over your existing connection and all
traffic to use the VPN default gateway on the remote network. The remote
network may not allow VPN clients to access the Internet via their gateway.

1) If you don't need to access the entire VPN resources, disable the "use
default gateway on remote network" option in the properties of the VPN
connection. To do that, go to VPN
Connection->Properties->Network->TCP/IP->Properties->Advanced-, uncheck
"Use default gateway on Remote Network".
2) Edit route table manually if you know how to or check routing page on
this web site.
3) For the security reason, some firewall/routers like Cisco PIX do not
allow access the Internet after establishing the VPN and you cannot modify
the routing table. You may setup split-tunnel.

For more and other information, go to

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Robert Lin, MS-MVP, MCSE & CNE
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