Default Gateway Disappearing


Darren Todd


Have a small problem with a Win2K SBS. Have recently moved from Satellite
to ADSL for internet access. Have disabled the Satellite connected NIC
(with old default gateway), configured ADSL router with NAT and now have
only a single network card in the server with the ADSL router as the default
gateway. However twice in the last week the users have complained of lost
internet connectivity. Upon inspection there is no default gateway set.
Inserting it again and all comes back to life.

The server is patched up and other than this runs well.

Has any one seen this or can anyone suggest where the problem may lie?



Marina Roos [SBS-MVP]

You better use 2 nics. Connect the second nic to your ADSL-router and rerun
the ICW-wizard.

Phillip Windell

Enable the Sat Nic and remove its IP configuration, then remove the
Satellite Nic from the machine altogether and see what happens.

1 or 2 nics.. no matter. What you need is a pppoe router that will keep the
connection. (Linksys does well here) Turn the DHCP on the PPPOE router off.
Use DHCP from the SBS2k server.

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