default fonts in Word 07



In office Enterprise 07, the default for Word's body text is Calibri (Body)
and the default headings is Cambria (Headings). The Calibri in particular is
a very nice readable font. I have always used Arial, because I know Arial is
on every Windows XP computer running Word. I do not want to embed fonts
because it increases the size of the document.

So, a few questions…

1) Are Calibri (Body) and Cambria (Headings) on all Windows XP computers, or
are they new fonts to Office 07?

2) When you Save As To PDF using the word 07 add in, does it matter if I use
Calibri (Body) and Cambria (Headings) and the receiving computer doesn’t have
them? Doesn’t PDF automatically embed them or image them somehow, regardless
of the fonts on the reading computer? Is the answer the same if you create
PDF via printing to PDF or the Adobe PDF Maker program (adobe professional




Graham Mayor

The 'C' fonts are new with Office 2007 and not included with Windows. If you
don't embed the fonts those who don't have them will see a substituted font.
The fonts are also present in the compatibility pack for Word 2000-2003, but
you cannot expect that recipients will have this installed as a matter of

I am pretty sure the answer is still the same if you use PDF (though I
cannot test it here).

Stick to Arial for electronically transmitted documents until 2007 has had a
wider take-up.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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