Decimal places in report



I am having a hard time getting the correct number of decimal places to
display in a report. I have set "Materials Savings" to Currency with 2
decimal places in the table which it first exists, the query that uses that
table, in the report that uses the query which uses the table, etc. In my
footer of my report, I am trying to do running total of the Total Materials
Savings. The correct number shows up, but I can't get the $ sign or 2 decimal
places to show up.
In my text box, I have:
="Total Material Savings: " & "$" & Sum([Material Savings])
I've tried using Round and CCur, but neither changed it. Let me know what
I'm doing wrong. Thanks!






Hello Caroline


="Total Material Savings: " & format(Sum([Material Savings]),"$#,###.00")

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