Debugging stopped Access 2007 mdb not accdb


Peter J. Veger

I just stumbled on a nasty problem:
When debugging after setting breakpoints in VBA, execution does not longer
halt in Access 2007 mdb databases (but it does in Access 2007 accdb
I do not know what causes this problem -- not much has changed since the
time that it did work.
I hope someone can help me,

Allen Browne


1. In the VBA window, choose Options from the Tools menu.
On the General tab, make sure Error Trapping is set to:
Bread on Unhandled Errors

2. Temporarily comment out any error handling by adding a single quote to
the start of the line, e.g.:
'On Error Resume Next

3. For debugging purposes only, try a Stop in place of a breakpoint.

4. Compact, decompile, and compact twice again.
Then set minimal references, and compile.
Details in:

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