Convert mdb to accdb


Jim Orson

I am trying to convert an Access 2003 mdb file to an Access 2007 accdb file
and am having a problem. Here's what I am doing:

1. open the mdb file in Access 2007
2. click pizza; save as; Access 2007 database
3. click yes to "do you want Microsoft Office Access to close the objects.?"
4. click "save" in "save as" dialog box (with file name as xxxx.accdb)
5. at that point I get an error that says "you attempted to open a database
that is already opened exclusively by user xxx on machine yyy. Try again
when the database is available." The only choice is "ok" and then the file
is not saved as accdb.

What do I do to get past the error in 5 above? Thanks...


Jeanette Cunningham

Hi Jim,
I find it is easier to create a new database in A2007, turn of name
autocorrect in the new database and import everything from the 2003 database
into the 2007 database.

Jeanette Cunningham MS Access MVP -- Melbourne Victoria Australia

Jim Orson

Hi Jeanette,
Thanks for the response. Your suggestion worked just fine! Now I see I am
going to have to make some changes in the appearance of the forms due to
A2007. Plus it looks like some formulas don't work. This is the 1st 2007
file I have seen. I wanted to convert from A2007 to add an attachment field
to the database. Well, nothing comes easy, I guess. Thanks again for your
helpful suggestion...

Jim Orson

Tony Toews said:
Give us some details on what's not working and maybe we can help.

Also fellow MVP Allen Browne has some info on A2007 quirks and tips at

Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP
Tony's Main MS Access pages -
Tony's Microsoft Access Blog -
Granite Fleet Manager

Thanks for the offer Tony. I'm getting up to speed on the 2007 interface.
I fixed the formulas. I'll do some more reading and holler if I get stuck.

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