Debugging CF2.0 SP1 app on CE 4.2



I'm attempting to debug an app using CF 2.0 SP1 on a CE 4.2 device. The app
is built using VS 2003 and configured (via <appname>.exe.config> to use the
CF 2.0 SP1 runtime. The app appears to run without issue when launched from
the device. When attempting to launch the app from the IDE (VS 2003), I get
a CF .NET initialization error and am unable to debug the application.

Is this a known limitation? Now that we have a CF 2.0 runtime that supports
CE 4.2, is there a configuration that will allow me to debug this using the

Any input would be appreciated.


-- Bret Holmdahl



Ilya Tumanov [MS]

VS 2003 is only capable of working with NETCF V1 runtime, so yes - that is
quite expected.

VS 2005 knows how to debug with NETCF V2, but even that is not guaranteed on
CE 4.2 as NETCF V2 SP1 only adding runtime support, not VS 2005 support.

MDBG command line debugger might be your only option.

Of course you can always remove configuration file and debug using V1

Best regards,


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