(dbo) after SQL items in database


T Bernard

We are testing out some rights and issues with an .adp
project. When I log in with my normal account and install
the .adp project with the MSI Installation package, the
database installs and works just fine.

When I log into the network with a test account, and
install the same package (same .adp, same MSI Package) the
database installs just fine. But I continue to get the
error "'stored proc name' does not exist in this
database". The stored procedure installed in the .adp,
but all the Tables, Views and Stored Procs have (dbo)
after the name of the item. I believe this is causing the
error but I was not sure.

If this is the cause of the error, does anyone know what
caused the (dbo) to appear after the SQL items. On my
regular network account there is no (dbo) next to the
items. Is this a user rights issue?

Thank you,

T Bernard

Karen Vaudreuil

Access always shows the owner of every objects in parantheses. The owner,
of course, is dbo by default but could be someone else. In fact, a user can
only access objects owned by himself except if specified otherwise in the
reference to that object. Since you are dbo, you can access everything (and
dbo it's not shown). But because the test account is not dbo, it sees
automatically who is the owner of every object.

That meens you have to put "dbo.NameOfObject" in every forms and reports for
them to work properly (even in code). By the way, if the user doesn't have
access to an object, he will not see it at all in the database window of the

Hope this helps.


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