adp dbo problem



I created an adb on my laptop. I backed up the SQL
database and restored it onto our server. When I connect
the adp to the server using a login other than sa, all my
tables, store procedures and views are associated with dbo
and nothing works. If I associate the new login with
sysadmin role it works but I don't think this is the way I
should handle it. What is the correct way?

Thanks for help,


Uwe Ricken

Hi LH,

that is "by design". All objects the actual user is
the owner of will be displayed by object name only.

All other objects will be more qualified by the name
of the owner.

Because most objects are dbo objects replace all references
to these objects with the full qualification.


SELECT * FROM sysobjects ('WRONG')

SELECT * FROM dbo.sysObjects
EXEC dbo.sp_AddServer

HTH ;-)

Gruß, Uwe Ricken
MCP for SQL Server 2000 Database Implementation

GNS GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

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