Changed all objects from dbo to non dbo, now cannot send parameters



due to some tables not being owned by dbo, i needed to change all other
objects to the same owner. I have since updated the db to do this as
well as the ADP. However, when i run the adp, it fails. For some
reason it fails when either refreshing the stored procedure parameters,
or setting a value to a parameter. Usingthe same login in query
analyzer (or the queries tab in access) i am able to view the correct

Any suggestions?

Dim cmdGetSwitchBoardItems As New ADODB.Command
Dim rst As New ADODB.Recordset

' Set CommandText equal to the stored procedure name.
cmdGetSwitchBoardItems.CommandText = "eID_Admin.spSwitchBoard"
cmdGetSwitchBoardItems.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc

cmdGetSwitchBoardItems.ActiveConnection = CurrentProject.Connection

On Error GoTo errMenu

' Automatically fill in parameter info from stored procedure.

' Set the param value.
cmdGetSwitchBoardItems.Parameters("@SBValue") = Me.SwitchboardID

' Execute the storedprocedure
Set rst = cmdGetSwitchBoardItems.Execute

Mary Chipman [MSFT]

To make life simpler, change the ownership so that everything is owned
by dbo, not the other way around. Otherwise, you will have to fully
qualify all object references and/or will run into broken ownership
chain problems. See Using Ownership Chains in SQLS BOL.


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