Stored Procedure call issue from Access Project



Hi to all,

Here's the scenario:

I have a Access 2003 .adp with MS SQL Server 2000 backend. There are stored
procedures on the backend that is runned from buttons on a form. But there's
a problem.

When I log in with the DBO account (which was used to create all the objects
in the database), everything's fine. When I log in with another user, all the
objects show up in Access database window with "(dbo)" at the end of the name.

The tables and queries are ok. But the stored procedures are having
problems. When I click on the procedure directly on the database window, it
runs fine. But when I use the buttons on the form, issues come up.

If I typed the procedure name in the code without "(dbo)", Access couldn't
find the procedure. If I include "(dbo)", Access would prompt for the
parameters and pass the query to SQL Server, but SQL Server can't find the
procedure because in SQL, it doesn't have "(dbo)" appended to the name.

Someone please help!!!



I have found the solution to this problem from a post dated 3/22/05 named
"OpenStoreProcedure" by Sumi Li and replied by Sylvain LaFontaine.

It was a simple fix. Just adding the prefix "dbo." to the store procedure
name did the job.

Thanks both to Sumi Li and Sylvain LaFontaine.

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