Daylight savings - my calendar reminder is an hour off now


M Skabialka

WinXP Pro, Outlook 2007
All of my reminders are off by an hour in my Reminders Window - e.g it says
Start Time: Thursday, November 06, 2008 1:50 PM
but the appointment is at 2:50 PM.

The computer shows the right time in the right time zone.
Looking at the calender itself appointments show in the correct time slot.
Why are my reminders off by an hour?

Oliver Vukovics [Public Shareware]

Dear M Skabialka,

do you synchronize your Outlook with a mobile device?

If yes, check the time settings on your mobile device.

Maybe it helps.

M Skabialka

No I don't, but the problem has fixed itself now that I have rebooted. The
machine was left on over the weekend.

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