Datasheet shows no records in split form in Access 2007 runtime vi




I have several forms designed in Access 2007 using split form design model.
I have made datasheet in the split form read only and actual form portion
allowing user to create/edit/delete records in the table.

I need to distribute this to user who will not have full version of ACCESS
2007 installed instead they will be running this app using Access 2007

I have used Developer extensions to create packaged solution and user can
install in their system (having run time already installed). When user opens
up the database, they can go form, add new record, save, ..etc. However
datasheet in the form doesn't display any records and record navigation
control shows no record count, ..etc.

I have already ensured that db location is trusted, ..etc. Can you help me
on what I am missing here ?

The user machine tried with Vista and Windows 7.. both didn't work.
Appreciate your help.

Allen Browne

Answered in m.p.a.formscoding. Please don't post the same message multiple
times, as it fragments any discussion.

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