Customize: Table of Contents based on category



In general I like how FP 2003 implements the table of contents based on

Two things make it difficult for me to implement:

1. Is there a way to assign multiple pages to a certain category at one time
if they are in differnet folders?
1a. Even better, is there a way to set a template page to a category, and
then all future pages made from this template will be in the category? For
example, I use Jalbum to create photo galleries that I import into Frontpage.
How could I make Jalbum assign the page to a certain category while it is
processing the album? Maybe this would work if the category were based on
metadata or something....

2. I'd like to Table of Contents sorted by descending date, to where the
newest is on top. Problem is that Frontpage will only do it by "Date the file
was last modified." Since I'm adding pages to categories today, the "date the
file was last modified" is today which makes the date useless on the table of
contents. Is there a way to have the date be read from somewhere else on the
page. For example, every single one of the pages has a subheader that reads
"Date posted: (the date)." If the table of contents could read that, it would
be awesome.

So I recognize Frontpage's built-in component may not be able to do these
two things I ask. If that is the case, can anyone recommend a way to create a
table of contents page that would automatically update itself when new pages
are added based on a certain category.
It really has to be easy to use or completely automated because other people
(with less computer experience than myself) will be maintaining this website.

Thank you.




Sorry for the double post.

I figured out my first question. When you assign a page to a certain
category, it adds the following into the source code:

<!--[if gte mso 9]><xml>
<mso:Categories msdt:dt="string">Featured Galleries</mso:Categories>

So using Jalbum, I could put something like this in my template files so
they correct category is assigned while the pages are generated.

Any thoughts on my second question?

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