Customize File Views -HELP!


Mike Savage

I've set the default view for all files in to "details", but I want certain
folders and their subfolders to display thumbnails. My system will allow me
to set all folders/files to one setting, but won't allow me to permanently
change the view characteristics to thumbnails. (The block for "Remember each
folder's view settings" is checked under Folder Options, but seems to have
no effect).
Thanks in advance,

Keith Miller MVP

I've written a script that will apply all the view customizations you can
set to all of a folder's
subfolders. Right-click the link below & save to your computer. The zip
file contains a readme
file & the script itself.

You can select a folder & configure its view settings, then those are set to
be inherited by all
subfolders (you have the option of saving or wiping out current saved views)
.. You can set a
default for My Pics, another for My Music, and then a more generic default
for My Computer. The
inheritance settings are separate from the folder view itself -- for
example, you can set a
non-grouped view to be the default inheritance for My Computer, then return
My Computer to its
standard 'group by type' layout after running the script without affecting
the default view you have

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