Customised form not working in Outlook 2007




My company is rolling out MS Office 2007 progressively. This means that
some staff are still using Outlook 2003 and others are using 2007.

I created two customised forms using Outlook 2007. When I send these forms
to a 2007 user, they receive a blank email with my auto signature. When I
send them to a 2003 user, they work perfectly.

Any suggestions?

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Are you saying that the Outlook 2007 doesn't see the controls that you
designed into the form? Is the form published to the Organizational Forms
library with the "Send form definition with item" box unchecked? That's
required; see -- the section on


Thanks Sue,

As outlined below, the Office 2007 staff only received blank emails with my
autosignature. No customisation. The form was published to Org Forms
library and the 'send form definition with item' unchecked.

The problem seems to have resolved it self as I did further testing today.
Not sure what the problem was.

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