Custom Form (no code) & OL2002 SP3 - still no preview...



Microsoft states in KB article 331788 that if you create a custom form
and upgrade to Office SP3 that custom forms with no vbs should appear
in the preview pane vice getting the "This item contains active content
that cannot be displayed in the preview pane..."

Unfortunately, I have 2002 SP3 installed, I can create a form with no
code and still no joy on the preview pane!

Is there something else that needs to be checked? Anything else anyone
can think of that would kill it? The KB states this applies to SP1 -
if upgrade to SP3 from std 2002 (non-SP1) does this matter? Can't
uninstall a SP without removing all of office. If I changed the
registry to comply with KB 318119, do I then have to back out of it
(tried it but still no joy)?

Other related KB Articles:
318119 - 2002 SP1/SP2 registry fix
288754 - if vbs then no preview pane

When I installed my SP3, I immediately tested it and I am pretty sure
it actually worked, but then I decided to redo all my PSTs... and now
no joy. Would seem unusual if the settings were personal setting
specific vice program specific.



Thanks Sue for finally getting back!

This form has never had code. Even if it did, we have tried various
test forms where all we do is add a picture or textbox and then try it
and it still fails.


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