Crystal XI troubles



Win XP Pro
VS 2003
Crystal XI
Oracle 9

I have some Crystal reports that were developed in Crystal XI that get
their data from an Oracle database.
I have crystal on the same machine that I have VS 2003 where I am doing
development in Crystal.
I am trying to display the reports in a web page via the built in
CrystalReportViewer. I can run the reports just fine in the Crystal
Environment. When I try to display it in the web page one of several
things happens. I have tried creating a data source several different
ways, and none of them work.
Some configurations prompt me for log in information. When I enter in
the info, it takes me right back to the log in screen. I can do that
forever. This happens even when I set the login info through code.

Some configurations prompt me for report parameters, but then I get a
can't connect to database error.

I am trying to do this with the simplest amount of code
Dim crDoc As New Invoice_Register
CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = crDoc

In the scenario described above, I am setting the login information
through code, but it is all pretty standard.

Any ideas as to what my problem is?


Just a thought, but based on a simlar experience:
VS 2003 comes with Crystal for .Net. However, it is not Version XI. My
experience was with VS 2001 and Crystal 9. I had to uninstall the
Crystal that came with .net, and then install the true Crystal
Developers edition. That solved all my problems. Maybe you need to do
the same with these newer versions.


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