Crystal Report error when using sql native client driver withunderscore in database name



We currently run Crystal Reports programmatically in VS 2008, using C+
+ and connect to a database in the report using odbc. If our database
name has an underscore in it, all works great if we use the standard
Sql Server driver. However, if using the Sql native client driver, an
error occurs while trying to preview the report that says "This field
name is not known.". I am using Crystal Reports XI Release 2. I have
tried the sql native client driver for 2005 and the most recent one
from 2008 with the same results.

If we do not run Crystal programmatically, all works great as well.
The error will actually occur if I log onto the report, then issue a
Verify() to the IDatabasePtr and then call GetSQLQueryString(), a
_com_error is thrown with the above error.

Everything works great if no underscore is present in the database
name. Any ideas? Can't find anything on the Crystal support site
regarding this specific problem.

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