Crystal reports not running on system with .net framework



Hi All,
I have developed a web application using ASP.NET
which contains crystal reports. The reports are running
fine on my development machine.When i deployed my
application on the production server at the client place,
the server does not have visual studio.Net installed.
But .Net framework is installed on the server.
The entire application runs fine except crystal
reports.Crystal reports are giving error.
Do i need to have visual installed on the
server to run crystal reports.
please come up with a suggestion/solution.

Siva Kumar

Mark Brouwers

Hi Siva,
What you can do, is making a setup project with nothing else but the crystal
reports merge modules. I've used Database_Access.msm,
Database_access_enu.msm, Managed.msm,regwiz.msm, VC_CRT.msm, VC_STL.msm.
Which modules you should use, you can check that at the crystaldecisions
Once you created the setup, you can run it on the server.
Hopes this helps.



hi Siva
I have just a small suggestion - it may or may not help u.
Normally, it's not neccessary to install the .NET framework on the server.
You can install just the .NET runtime program which u can get from the
following address:

(The file is called "Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable")
Probably (I'm not sure) it'll have for support for Crystal Reports.


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