Crystal report .NET license



I am going to design a web application with crystal report for more than 200
users. I will use the crystal report viewer component in IE. I want to know
how to calculating the license?? Do I pay to subscribe any license charge in
order to deploy the crystal report for those 200 users? What is the license
of crystal report .NET?? is it per server or per users?? what is the no. of
user license come with the crystal report .net?? I am using the enterprise
visual studio.NET 2003 to develop the application.

Million Thanks




Did you managed to get an answer to your question - as I have the same
scenario where I have a website where I run the crystal viewer and expose
reports to users. I would also like to know if you require a server license
to use this viewer.

Anybody that could help - please as I require an answer urgently

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