Crystal Reports For .Net - Error in File. The request could not be submitted for background processi



We have developed the reports using Reports for our web application using the Crystal Report assemblies that comes along with Visual Studio.Net 2003. the report works fine in our development environment. When we deployed the app on our production servers (it has Crystal Reports For .Net 9 version), we are getting the below error when trying to view the reports

"Error in File C:\DOCUME~1\INTERL~1\ASPNET\LOCALS~1\Temp\temp_f7c02ce5-f718-4dd9-bc64-ce29432383f0.rpt: The request could not be submitted for background processing.

We found details abt this issue on the Crystal Decisions website and tried installing the fixes for this. but still, we are facing this issue. Any help on this would be appreciated


DotNetJunkies User

I am getting the same error, but only when I print the report. What's weird is that it only happens with 1 of the 3 printers I have installed on the web server. I checked the event log, and it seems there is a fatal communication error between the world wide web publishing service and the printing service (event id 1011 source w3svc). What I don't get it is when I select the other 2 printers everything is fine. Any ideas?

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