Crunching for Covid-19


Crunchy Cat
Jun 1, 2006
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The World Community Grid (WCG) has now added "Open Pandemics" to the list of projects that we can all help with. Here is a copy of their e-mail, which some might find to be of interest:

COVID-19 has some powerful enemies. And with the help of volunteers like you, World Community Grid can become one of them.

We've just launched OpenPandemics, a new research effort to help scientists at Scripps Research look for potential treatments for COVID-19. Please join us by contributing your computer's power to the search.

Scientists have learned that pandemics may become more and more common. So the OpenPandemics research team also plans to develop tools and methods to help future drug discovery projects to ramp up more quickly. This could lead to faster and more effective research on potential treatments for future pandemics. And in accordance with World Community Grid's open data policy, these tools and the project results will be freely shared in the scientific community.

Thank you for your support,

The World Community Grid team

Thanks for reading this. If anyone passing through would like to find out more, you will find more info here:

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