Creating window with menu in ATL using VS2008



I'm new to ATL.
I would like to create a window with menu in ATL project using
VS2008.Basically i'm trying to create an activex control, that have
separate window and menus
I'm unable to find an samples, all samples are in VC++6.0.
When I tried to find the menus like "Insert Full Control" as mentioned
in VC++6.0 tutorials, but no luck in VS2008.
Any link for tutorials based on VS2008?
Is it worth to develop an Activex control using ATL or any other new
options available in VS2008?


Brian Muth

You are posting in the .NET C++ newsgroup. In future consider posting in, which is dedicated to ATL issues.

The samples in VC6 should work just fine in VS2008.

To insert a full control, create an ATL project in the usual manner.
Right-click over the project name in the Solution Explorer panel, and "Add",
"Class...". Choose "ATL Control".


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