Additional Include Directories problem VS 2008



Hi All

I just ported my ATL application from VS2005 to VS2008, I have
included the required ATL server include directory path in "Additional
Include Directories" in VS 2008 IDE (Project->Properties->C++-
General) , but while compiling the application, I am getting an error
of - unable to open the include file. Things work fine if I include
the same path in Tools->Options->Project and Soultions->VC++
Directories, but I can not ship my code by including that path in VC++
Directories, as in that case I have to ship .opt file, which I think
is not good practice (please correct me if I am wrong). Please help.

P.S. As in VS2008, Microsoft has stopped the ATL server support, so I
am trying to use ATL server code externally.


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