Creating new custom reports in Business Contact Manager



Is it possible to create a new custom report in BCM? I need a report that
shows the following information:

Create/Due (Date)
Entry Type (Opportunity, Note, Appointment, etc.)
Linked to (Contact)

I know I can print the list off under Business History, but need a report
that contains all contacts, doesn't cut info like the notes or subject off,
and can be filtered or sorted by date.



You can always export to Excel or other programs and report from there,
usually how you want to. I did that this morning, because as far as I can
tell, we can customize only the output of Contact reports, not the reports
themselves. It's pretty cool, though.
From the BCM help:
Customize Business Contact Manager reports -
Once you generate a report in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with Business
Contact Manager, you can modify the report's contents. For example, you can
customize an opportunities report to show only closed opportunities.

Customize a report

Open the report.
On the Report toolbar, click Modify Report.
Make changes in the Modify Report dialog box, and then click OK.
To get assistance while customizing a report, click Help in the Modify
Report dialog box.

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