Creating a batch file?



I'm not sufficiently familiar with batch files to write this but I would like
to create a .bat file that would:

1. open (hourly/daily) a real-time database called Pulse in directory
2. save it as an htm file in d:\documents and settings\xzy094z\My
Documents\htm files
3 open this htm file with Excel and
4. save as .xls file in a given sub folder in a shared drive (e.g.
L:\documents and settings\daily reports\Monday) as, say '0900 Mon', '1000
Mon' etc etc

I would want this to run hourly and daily between 09:00 Monday and 22:00
Sunday, preferably deleting the htm file in My Docs folder before the next
hour's run to avoid any overwriting of data.

How would I produce the .bat file and what would be an example of the script
needed to perform the above?

Many thanks for your help!


Hello Zakynthos,

Better post this in microsoft.public.scripting or

Best regards

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