Create outbound replication partner



Hi everyone,

I have 60 DCs and many don't have outbound replication partner!

When I created an object in AD, the replication is not yet replicate until I
force the replication on the inbound (AD Sites & Services) DC.

I can confirm this by comparing each log files with Repadmin /showreps,

Can you help me please,


Joe Richards [MVP]

The outbound replication partners is actually partners that receive change
notification messages from the DC. Replication in active directory (unless
specially configured) is pull based. Each DC pulls changes from another, they
are not pushed out.

DCs that are in the same site and replicate with each other will have outbound
partners which are simply the partners that are told when the DC has changes
that need to be pulled. If don't have DCs in the same site and you don't have
change notification enabled between sites you will not see anything listed in
the outbound partners because there is no change notification going on.


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