create exchange public folder contact



hi everyone,

i hope you might help me on this one. i need to create a contact in a
exchange public folder using dotnet (vb or c#) and exchange 2003, without
using outlook object model. i'm searching for a few hours and can't find a
clear example on how to do it. i've already seen code blocks using webdav,
directory services, but always related with creating active directory users
or mail enabling users, not exactly what i'm looking for.





thank you all for your responses.

using i was
able to create folders in exchange. but i need to create contacts inside a
public folder; not the folder itself. with i'm getting error 400 - bad request.
however, looks like the code creates a contact in administrator's contacts
(string sUri =
"http://ExchServer/Exchange/Administrator/Contacts/JoLynnDobney.eml";). is
this true?


Glen Scales said:
Have a look at this says 2000 but
will work fine one 2003


Glen Scales [MVP]

You need to change that URL to the folder you want to create the contact in
eg if you wanted to create contacts in a public contacts folder then you
would use "https://servername/public/contactsfolder/" the JoLynnDobney.eml
section of the URL you need to create yourself this needs to be a unique
value for each object in the folder. 400 errors generally point to problems
with malformed XML in the request you sending


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