Create a help system in Access 2007



I have a customized Access 2007 database with a customized ribbon. I need to
create a Help system for it. Anybody have any ideas. Just accessing a form
won't do. They want it indexed, searchable with a table of contents. Any one
have any ideas?



Arvin Meyer [MVP]

That could be a big job. You'll need to do it with chm files in the Windows
Help System. :

Creation of an extensive help system is usually very expensive. On complex
apps, it will typically cost about 40% of what it cost to build the system,
but since Access is so quick to build applications, it could conceivably
cost more to build the help system than the app.

As an alternative, I've been using Camtasia to create flash files, and those
coupled with and embedded within a PowerPoint presentation have usually been
much cheaper to build and actually tend to be used more.


Jul 14, 2013
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The easiest way I have found is to create the help/manual in Word with a Table of Contents all hyperlinked. Save as a PDF and call it from the each form passing the appropriate page number. I set up a help Public Sub in a module that is referenced on each form. This way I only have to go to the module to adjust page numbers or add additional references.

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