Create a document that has a template without showing normal.dotx




I have a .dotx file that I'd like my group to use, and it will work fine by
creating a new document and then selecting the .dotx as the global template.
However, when you show the styles available, you also see everything from
Normal.dotx. I'd like to restrict users to just using the styles from my
..dotx, how can I do this? I've played around with the settings, but whatever
I do it still shows the sytles from Normal.dotx.
If the solution is to create the document from the .dotx, it doesn't work
for me because I'd like to have the .docx basically have the data, and the
global .dotx on a server so that I can update the styles and it will
automagically be propagated to the .docx.




Graham Mayor

The normal template is a required system file. Word will always recreate one
(normal.dotm) if it is not present.
The built-in styles in the normal template are simply that built-in. You can
choose which ranges of styles are shown from the styles dialog
Add-in templates cannot be used to store document styles.
Documents are created from document templates. The best plan is probably to
use a shared Workgroup folder for your shared document templates and some
training for the users so that they know what is expected of them.

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