Counting cells in a selectable date range

Mar 10, 2011
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I am having trouble creating a formula that counts the number of cells that say "Y" in a range of dates specified by the user. The worksheet is set up as follows:
-The range of dates are A2:A27 with the associated cells with either "Y" or "N" in cells E2:E27
-The start date of the range is found in A1 and end date of the range is found in A2

Currently I'm using =COUNTIFS(E2:E27, "Y", A2:A27, "<=A1", A2:A27, ">=A2") which keeps returning 0, however, if I were to manually type the dates that wants to be searched (i.e. =COUNTIFS(E2:E27, "Y", A2:A27, "<=25/08/2010", A2:A27, ">=15/09/2010") it returns the correct number of times "Y" occurred in the date range.

Any help is appreciated.


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