couldn't update; currently locked


Lynn He


Does anyone ever met with this problem?

I have a database created in Access 2000. I have 4 users working in Access
2003 environment and 1 user working in Access 2000 environment. The one who
has access 2000 frequently got this error message "couldn't update; currently
Everytime this happen, she cannot do anything except close the database and
re-open it. Sometimes, after re-open the database, it works fine.
It's really annoying, does anyone know this?

Thanks a lot



1. If being used by multiple users, you should be using a Split
Frontend/Backend setup.

2. Each user should have a copy of the frontend on their machine.

3. Make sure that record locks are not set to all.

If you don't have the split database, you are in serious danger of
corrupting your database.

See here for more info on splitting:

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