Could not update: currently locked.



Access 2002, distributed runtime mde file:
I have a split database, with users running mde locally, pointing to shared
mdb data file of tables on server. There are 20-30 users at any given time.
Some users have been getting the error "Could not update; currently locked"
on a form. There is no error number. All users have modify permissions. They
get the error when clicking on a new line in a form before they have entered
any data in the new record. The form has a [LastModifiedTime] field whose
default value is Now(). Then the form has a BeforeUpdate macro that sets the
value of [LastModifiedTime] to Now(), in case they are changing a preexisting


Tom van Stiphout

On Mon, 22 Jun 2009 15:23:01 -0700, slickdock

That default value is not needed. The BeforeUpdate would catch new
records as well.
Not sure this will fix the problem, but worth a try. THere is no other
code in any other relevant events? One way to check is to temporarily
set the Form.RecordSelector property to true, and watch if you get a
pencil (indicating dirty record) when you open the form to a new
Also make sure Form.Recordlocks is set to NoLocks.

Microsoft Access MVP

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