Could not find domain controller for this domain



I need help.... Here is my setup

3 domains A -- B -- C
Domain A has 2 Domain Controllers and is the root domain
B and C are sub-domains
DC1 in Domain A has all the FSMO, DC2 has none. both have AD dns.

My problem is DC1 can connect to both domainb and domain c without problem.
DC2 can connect to DomainC but not DomainB. The event log reports Event
ID:1265 Could not find domain controller for this domain.

If I launch Domain and Trusts I receive error The Active Direcoty object
could not be displayed.

Please help!!!

Thanks much.


You have a dns problem somewhere.
You have 2 root domain controllers, be sure they are not pointing to
themselves as primary dns server, you get what is called Island effect, each
of the roots should point to the other as primary and itself as secondary.
Then be sure your child domains dns servers are pointing to themselves, and
that the dns servers is set to forward requests up to the roots.

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