Corrupted bkf file


Jon Ball

Unfortunately, I ended up with two XP Operating Systems
in the same partition. I was told the only way to correct
that was to reformat the hard drive. So, using the
Windows XP backup tool, I backed up the entire drive to
an external hard drive. I reformatted the hard drive and
reinstalled XP Pro without a problem. However, when I
went to restore the bkf file, it was corrupt. I sent the
drive to a data recovery technician which did not help.

Does anyone have any suggestions of technicians,
utilities or other methods to recover data from a
corrupted bkf file?

Jon "I am toast without this data" Ball

Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

Unfortunately, if the backup data file's corrupt, it's corrupt. Did you do a
'verify' after backing up?

Jon Ball

Yes. I did verify. But the external hard drive I was
using chose that time to go bad on me. It is terrible
when you think you are doing all the backup procedures
you should be doing and still get screwed.



Dear friends,

I need to know how to remove standard buttons and address bar from windows
explorer, I need to restrict around 100 system, I need registry value


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