corrupt pst file

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I have a .pst file that seems to be corrupt. I have tried
to use the pstscan.exe but will not correct the problem.
Is there any other solutions I could try? The size of this
file is 1.9gig. (obviously need to do some archiving)

Thanks in advance


Mar 2, 2008
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You can use Inbox Repair tool which is used to repair corrupted file of pst. To run Inbox repair tool fallow the steps:

1. Click on start goes to the search then click on files or folders option.
2. In search box type scanpst.exe.
3. Double click on the scanpst.exe file to open the inbox repair tool.
4. Then enter the location of Pst file and its name or browse it for the path.
5. Then start to repair.

This way you can repair your pst file. But if your file is badly damaged you may not able to repair it. At that time you can use pst repair software.

You can try a popular Outlook recovery tool called Advanced Outlook Repair to repair your PST file. It is a powerful tool to recover messages, folders and other objects from corrupt or damaged Microsoft Outlook PST files. Detailed information about Advanced Outlook Repair can be found at

Hope this helps.
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