Corrupt Display in Excel 07



I have just taken on the Trial Version of Office Home & Student 2007, and I
am experiencing problems displaying Excel. Upon launching the Program, all I
get in a Maximised Window is a clear light blue screen, with the Bottom
Status Bar at the top of the screen.

I have tried the Hide/Unhide Commands and the Display Options in the
Advanced Menu but to no avail.

Can you help??




I am having EXACTLY the same problem. Occasionally the program will open
successfully however most of the time it just won't.


I just posted another thread with the same problem (by accident). "Excel UI
corrupted on startup." Anyway, I found a workaround that appears to work
100% of the time on my system. First start up Excel. Then start up ANOTHER
instance of Excel, while the first, corrupted version is open. Then the new
instance displays and functions normally.

I've found I have to do this every time, so the problem doesn't permanently
go away.

Question 1: Are you guys both running on a multicore machine?
The reason I'm interested is because I have a feeling that the UI problem is
due to a race condition bug in Excel that's only exposed when you're running
multiple CPUs. I suspect a race condition bug because (1) the problem is
intermittent (the order separate threads run on a multiprocessor system is
not deterministic, and the programmer might have forgotten this) and (2) the
problem goes away once Excel is fully initialized (i.e., once one instance of
Excel has fully started up). Sorry to be such a geek, but you can find a
decent introduction to "race condition" on wikipedia.

Question 2, for W: Are you using a Trial Version of Office Home & Student
2007, too? Like Graham, that's what I initially installed. I since
"activated" my software with a full licence key, but the problem persists.
That suggests the problem might be specific to the Trial Version, and that
one might be able to solve the problem permanently by uninstalling and
reinstalling the full version of Excel 2007, but I'm too lazy and pessimistic
to waste the time trying.


Hi mercuryp

Although I don't fully understand the 'geeky' bits, I can confirm that I am
running a dual processor.

At present I'm getting a lot of support from Microsoft to try and resolve
this problem, and one/some of the files that have been 'played' with are the
MUI files - whatever they are, as I said I'm no good on the techy bits.

My Excel opens okay about 50% of the time, depending which way it is opened
- ie start menu, desktop icon, directly from My Docs etc. However it does
open ok 100% of the time when in Excel Safe mode or PC Safe Mode.

Another possibility being looked at is 'add-ons',one of which may be Avery
add-on which I use a lot in Word, but it also attaches itself to Excel if you
don't uncheck the box (like I forgot).

Whatever the problem is, it's beyond me. I've used Excel and its predecessor
Multi Plan for many years and have never had this trouble before.

Just waiting for a call from MS - will keep you posted.


PS I've since updated from the trial version - and the problems stil persists



So I've noticed the same workaround as you, and am currently employing it.

But to answer your questions...

I'm using an Intel Core 2 Duo processor on a machine with Vista Ultimate.

I built the computer myself so I bought the full version of Office Home and
Student, not the demo with an upgrade...


I have the exact same problem.

My workaround is to launch and keep open another one of the Office
applications (eg Word or Powerpoint) before launching Excel.

I too use a multi processor machine.

Waiting for a solutin from MS




Hi all

Is anyone using any Logitech peripherals? I've been going through some
detcective work with Miscrosoft, and through a process of elimination I
believe (time will tell) that we MIGHT have found the solution????!!!! I make
no promises.

If you go into the 'Start Menu' - 'Run' and type 'msconfig', under the
'Services' tab, Uncheck the box 'Hide all Microsoft Services'. Now on my new
PC (which by the way, is a Dell Inspiron 530, running a dual processor) there
are 12 remaining services. One of which reads 'LVSrvLauncher' manufacturer
'Logitech Inc'., which I BELIEVE relates to the Logitech Desktop Messenger.
The only Logitech kit I am using on my PC is a Web-cam - having
deleted/replaced my Cordless Desktop with a Microsoft version; so I have
deleted the Logitech Desktop Messenger from my PC through the Control Panel,
and although this item still appears in my 'msconfig' -'Services' List - it
is now showing as 'Stopped' (as apposed to 'running' and Hey Presto! Excel
APPEARS, repeat APPEARS to be working okay.

Now listen guys, I'm no Techy, and I am not declaring this to be "THE FIX",
but it does seem to be working for me, so far; in that Excel seems to be
working/opening okay from my Start Menu Icom, Start-All Programs-Microsoft
Office-Excel.., the Desktop Shortcut, Excel files from within My Documents
and Excel files from my External Hard Drive.

Take a look at your system - you may have a similar problem running on
yours, I'll keep you posted if my Excel starts to 'Corrupt' again.

Regards - Graham


Strangely enough, I do have a logitech webcam... But when I check the list
of Services in my System Config, LVSrvLauncher is already Stopped. I'm still
using the logitech programs, but I guess I dont' actually need the desktop

As an afterthought, I just realized that Excel opening successfully... I
wonder why the service was stopped right now?

THanks for the tip! Iguess I will just uninstall the manager since I don't
really use it anyways.


Congratulations, Sherlock! You are better than Dr. Watson.

My problems started shortly after I bought the Logitech webcam model 9000.

Now, over to the Logotech web site to see whether they offer a cure.


Elementary my dear jpalcover!!!

Seriously, I'm interested in what Logitech have to offer. Keep us posted




Super - I also HAD the same problem; it's because of the Logitech cam...
thank you very much! owwy




When I open up Microsoft Word, the only thing that appears at the top of the
page is a ruler. The toolbars and menus are not there. How do I get them to
appear when I open up Word?

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