Copying/Moving appointment into a Public Folder Calendar


Peg Glosser

For many (5) years, my company has had a custom form that accepts meeting
requests, is emailed to a calendar administrator, and then if approved, the
appointment item (generated by vbscript from the form) is moved/copied into
the public folder calendar.

At the beginning of this past month (February), we are suddenly getting a
"Can not copy the items. Cannot complete the copy operation. The items may
have been moved or deleted, or you may not have sufficient permission."

Permissions are all correct on the calendar in the public folder (Owner).
Any ideas as to what may have happened?

Julius Jackson


I am having the same issue and have so far not found anything on MS that
explains this behavior. Please post if you find a solution.

Peg Glosser


Did you happen to install Enterprise Vault on your system?

I haven't found any answer yet, but I'm wondering if that might be the

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