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Gil Hennessey via

We've published forms to a public folder on Exchange. We want to be able to
programmatically install the forms to every users' mailbox default folders
(contacts, tasks, etc.). We've written a vb6 app that gets the public
folder, can read its hidden messages and identify the
IPM.Micrsoft.FolderDesign.FormDescription type to copy/install. However,
when we copy to the form using Message.CopyTo, it shows up as a contact
item and not in the Forms tab on the Contact Properties window. Is there a
way to programmatically install this form from the public folder? Any
suggestions/method using VB6, VB.Net or C# would be welcome. We're on
Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003.


Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

You can't use CopyTo to install a form. Instead, create a new item using the custom form and then use its FormDescription.PublishForm method.

Gil Hennessey via

Thanks, Sue.

In the interim, I figured that out! I've only been dealing with
MAPI/Outlook for a couple of days, so I guess there's a learning curve.


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