copy active directory to test exchange?



I want to create a test environment for our Exchange server.
I've created a test server, and made it a domain controller, and its
replicated all the Active directory information.
Now, I have installed Exchange on the test server, and I want to
create another copy of our Production Exchange server.
What is the best way of doing this, without manually entering in all
the Active Directory user information?
Currently, because I've added the test server as a domain controller,
all the users are attached to mailboxes on the Production server.

I really just want a copy of all the users on the test server (maybe
on another domain?), so that I can screw around with the Exchange
users/database, without affecting the Production Users/Exchange.
Any info would be great.



Mark Renoden [MSFT]

Hi Andrew

By promoting this box as a DC in your production environment, you get a copy
of all the related AD information. If you want a separate test environment,
you'd move it away into a separate LAN and clean up the metadata in
production and on this server:

In production, remove references to this DC with:

216498 How to remove data in Active Directory after an unsuccessful domain

Once this DC in moved to a separate LAN that's disconnected from production,
you'd remove all of the original DC's after transferring the FSMO roles by
using the same procedure.

The only bit I'm not sure of is replicating the Exchange server ... not my
bag. Perhaps a question to an exchange group?

Kind regards
Mark Renoden [MSFT]
Windows Platform Support Team
Email: (e-mail address removed)

Please note you'll need to strip ".online" from my email address to email
me; I'll post a response back to the group.

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