coputer coma!



I have Vista, have had for about a year and had not had ay issues with the
sleep function, until now.

I used to be able to click on the sleep tab and the computer monitor would
go blank and the computer would sleep. To use the computer again, I would
just need to click any key on the keyboard/move the mouse and hey presto,
back to normal.

But now- when I click on the sleep tab, the monitor goes blank just like
before. Fine, but if I want to use the computer, I go to press a key/move the
mouse and....nothing, the monitor stays blank.

But this is when it gets really odd, if I carry on pressing keys, I can
hear the error tones from the computer- so the computer is awake, but the
monitor is not.
The only way I can get my computer to turn itself back on is to unplug it
at the wall, wait for about 5 minutes then replug the computer and start off
from scratch, which actualy goes against having the computer on sleep mode in
the first place!

I have tried altering the sleep modes, tried reinstalling the service pack
for vista, tried my re-scaning virus scan... cant find anything.

Does anyone have a clue whats going on? I feel like I am going mad trying to
look for solutions!




I'd guess from what you've said that the computer is fine, and you have a
problem with either the monitor, the monitor driver, or graphics driver.
Since the monitor does work until you put it to sleep, that would point to
the drivers.
You could check the monitor cable for bent or scorched pins, but mainly to
make sure it's connected snug, and not deadly tight.

Make sure you have backups for the drivers, uninstall them, and let the
computer re-detect and install the software.

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