Converting to Exchange 2007 -Best Way to Preserve Existing Outlook Rules?


Alan Dougherty

We have Outlook 2003 users who currently have POP3 accounts to a
third-party e-mail provider. Some of our users have hundreds of rules
in Outlook. We are about to go live with our Exchange 2007 system.
What is the best way to preserve each user's rules when they are
converted to an Exchange account? I know the rules can be exported but
we found that when they are imported they default to client-side only
rules. We want server rules to apply and client-side rules to be

We found that it takes several clicks on each rule to get it to be a
server-side rule. Is there an easier way to preserve each user's
rules in Outlook and have them as server-side rules? The only way we
have found will require hundreds of mouse-clicks for some of our users
who have a lot of rules.

Diane Poremsky

There is no easy way with rules. It will probably be less work to have the
users recreate the rules as they need them - hundreds of rules are difficult
to manage and its highly likely some of them are never used.

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