Converting Songs to MP3 Format



I have an iPod and all the songs on my cuputer are in my iTunes library. A
family memeber has a MP3 player. The way to add songs to her player is by
clicking & draging or copying into the "Removable Disk G: Drive", which is
the USB port. Anyways, when I clicked and draged songs from my iTunes Library
to her MP3 file, they came in many different formats. Only those in "MP3
Format Sound" worked when she tried to play them later. The onther files were
in either "M4P File" or "MPEG-4 Audio File". I know that the only way the
songs will work is if they are in "MP3 Format Sound". So what I would like to
know is how do I change the format of the songs in her file so that they are
in the correct format to work on her MP3. Thank you for any help.

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