2GB SAMSUNG Cannot hear songs when connected to computer



I am still in a learning mode and do not understand, why I see in Media
Player 10 for the Samsung 2 GB device songs in a folder, but :

1. I cannot click on it while connected to the computer USB and hear the

2. When I disconnect the MP3 player I cannot see the same folder on the MP3
player when I fire it up.

One more question:

How do I transfer a whole Album with songs in it which I see on my computer
to the MP3 (Samsung) player?
When I drag the album to the very right and then use Synch it seems to work,
but afterwards I cannot see the Album or Folder on the Samsung Player.


What is MSC mode? I have the MP3 player connected at that time via supplied
cable to the computer.


Thanks a lot for that information.
I have looked in a lot of good bokkstores to day to find a book on Media
Player 10, but none seem to exist.
But your help is appreciated therefore so much more.

Now, does that mean I should or should not be able to hear a song from the
Samsung 2 GB media player while it is connected to the computer via cable
and I am in the media player 10 ?

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