File formats and losing sound on computer



I've created a story in PS3, and want to add music to it from my CD's and
iTunes purchased music. I know the format they are currently in is not
compatible with PS3, and need to be converted to mp3 or such.
So I copied the songs to a CD, then ripped them in to windows media 10 and
changed the file formats to mp3. The file format shows up correctly as mp3
in the WM library.
When I tried to add the music to my story in PS3, I couldn't find where the
library was on my hard drive, to access the tracks! So I burned the songs
back to a CD, but the file format apparently did not go along with it as I
cannot see the tracks. I've download an mp4-mp3 conversion program as
suggested elsewhere, but haven't been successful in figuring out how to
convert the files that are now on the CD.
I also just discovered that I have someone completely lost all sound on my
laptop. I've checked the volume settings, and made sure that mute is not
set. I'm at a loss.
Any suggestions? I'm just trying to simply add music to my story, 4 songs,
and to play the results on my computer.


Create and/or convert music files available to your harddrive like in the
My Music folder in WMA, MP3 or WAV format before using Photo story.
Start PS3 and add the music from your music libary at the end. If you
need a music converter, repost what you are trying to convert, in
other words from what to WMA, MP3 or WAV. Recommend MP3 for
they are in compressed format and take less space. Do not recommend
using music files from a CD due to format conflicts. Once you get the
hang of it, you can try other projects.

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