Converting from XP Prof to 2000 Prof


Gary Armstrong

The school I work for currently has Windows XP
Professional installed on one PC, but due to the cost
issues can not afford to upgrade all other PC's to Windows
2000 Prof. They need to have all PC's running similar
operating system. Someone in the company already
purchased Windows 2000 Professional Upgrade version,
thinking we could convert back to Windows 2000. I have a
feeling that it will not work, what are your thoughts? Do
we need to purchased the full version of Windows 2000
Gary Armstrong

Dan Seur

Your feeling is right - from XP to W2k is not an upgrade. Clean W2k
install is the only path from XP to W2k. Same for ME--->W2k. Both XP and
ME are more recent systems than W2k.

The W2k Upgrade CD will ask for media (CD) from ANY qualifying OS, and
proceed with the install after that successful step. Surely you can get
your hands on a W9x or NT CD somewhere at the school?

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