Converting BCM 2007 Opportunity to Quote



I have installed both OL/BCM 2007 and MOA 2007 (paid version) and find major
disconnects or I am missing the point completely. Starting with BCM, I can
create all the Opportunity fields including the Product and Service items and
costs. However, when trying to convert the opportunity to a quote, the
system crams all the information in the Description field of the Quote Form
instead of parsing it or placing the information in the appropriate quote
fields. Am I doing something wrong or is this the way it was designed?

Also, the "Expected Revenue" field in the Opportunity Form is totally out of
wack as it does not caculate the cost based on the Qty field and makes it
look like we have revenue that is many times higher than it actually is.
Desperate for answers. Anyone?

Mukesh Agarwal [MSFT]

If you have created product and services in BCM, this is by design behavior
due to some differences in database schema between OA and BCM. We hope to
improve this behavior in future.
My recommendation is to use OA for storing product/services inventory. OA
has richer exepreince when it comes to inventory management.

On your second question, expected revenue is based on the probably value of
opportunity and total revenue. So for example, if your total revenue from
all the items in Opportunity is $500 and opportunity probably value is 10%,
the exepcted revenue will show $50. Are you seeing different behavior?

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