Convert .txt file to .doc file with office 2007



I am trying to take a file with 178 pages from a .txt file to a .doc file. I
know that I can remane the extention to .doc and it will open in Word, but I
do not want to have to reformat the file. It needs to look the same in the
..doc as it does in the /txt file. I have tried renaming it to a .doc file
and it looses the :look" it has in the .txt file. I have tried copying and
pasting also, again lost the "look". Any suggestions? I cannot find a
conversion wizard to assit with this on Microsofts site either.

Stefan Blom

You should be able to just open it in Word. Start Word first, and then use
the Open dialog box (Ctrl+O). For file type, you can choose "All Files

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